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Major stanza forms in English

The Chaucerian Stanza or Rhyme Royal The Chaucerian stanza is so-called because it was first used in England by Chaucer, “the father of English poetry.” Most probably he borrowed it from France. It is also called Rhyme Royal because it... Continue Reading →

Silver Jubilee Celebration | Department of English

Source: Silver Jubilee Celebration | Department of English

Melville’s biography and his relationship with Hawthorn

Melville's biography and his relationship with Hawthorn

2nd Chapter from Philosophy_of_the_Upanishads__By_Archibald_Edward_Gough

2nd Chapter from Philosophy_of_the_Upanishads__By_Archibald_Edward_Gough

Some English proverbs and their Bangla alternatives

Sl English Proverb Bengali Proverb 1 A bad workman quarrels with his tools. নাচতে না জানলে উঠান বাঁকা। 2 A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. গাছের দশটা থেকে পাতের একটাই ভাল । 3 A burnt child... Continue Reading →

Three essays about translation by Syed Mujtaba Ali

অনুবাদ সাহিত্যঅনুকরণ না হনুকরণনজরুল ইসলাম ও ওমর খৈয়াম  

The Name and Nature of Translation Studies by James Holmes

The Name and Nature of Translation Studies

Direct and Indirect Discourse: a chapter from the book “Pragmatic Stylistics” by Elizabeth Black

Direct and Indirect Discourse: a chapter from the book Pragmatic Stylistics by Elizabeth Black

Discourse Analysis

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